Based on her own passions, interests, and artistic experience, Faye especially loves to work with authors in the following genres and writing forms:

  • Memoir   Let your memoir or autobiography ring clear with the complexity of a symphony or simplicity of a nursery rhyme.

  • Children’s Books   Mesmerize readers with wildly imaginative and expertly crafted children’s stories.

  • Poetry   Turn your poetry into well-sculpted pieces that will be reread, recited, and remembered.

  • Humor  Tickle your readers’ funny bones with smart timing, slanted wit, fine-tuned vocabulary, and outrageous risk-taking.

  • Articles   Spice your articles with enticing details, alluring anecdotes, and subtle shifts. Make readers salivate for more.

  • Short Stories   Envelope readers in a palette of colors, scents, sounds, tastes, and textures.
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