It Takes A Lot of Creativity to Sculpt an Artist

Faye and sculpture- Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver, COFaye’s writing career began under an elm tree in her childhood yard. She initially planned to become “an artist,” but she tired of sketching unrecognizable figures, so she traded her drawing paper for lined paper and began to write. This was followed by learning to play clarinet and learning to dance. As an adult, she still spends a lot of time under trees.


Where It All Came From
  • After earning her Bachelor of Science in dance from University of Wisconsin, Madison, Faye leaped into being a teacher and choreographer.
  • As the director of her own dance program, she taught, choreographed recital dances, and designed flashy but "tasteful" costumes.
  • As company manager for Dance Circus, Faye rounded up publicity and wrote winning grant proposals.
  • As a mother of two imaginative, independent daughters and wife to a jazz-loving, bicycle-riding husband, she's known to coo over her two comical cats.
  • As a published author and poet, she unlocks her deepest thoughts just as she has since receiving a locking diary in seventh grade.
  • As an editor of fiction and nonfiction, Faye taps into her reservoir of talent to add artistry to her clients' written masterpieces.  More ...