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Writers! Bring Out the Artist in You!

Have you ever worked with an editor who –

  • comes across too lax and wishy-washy, or
  • overemphasizes grammar and political correctness, or
  • makes your attempts at humor droll instead of delightful?
The artistic writer in you wants a sharp, caring editor who won’t get hung up on minutia – and will hammer home humor in an arty way!

Turn Your Writing into a Piece of Art

When you work with Faye Quam Heimerl of Quam Editorial, be assured she will:

  • Quickly get up to speed on the content for almost any subject
  • Thoroughly understand the needs of your audience (reader)
  • Translate complex concepts so your readers understand them

With writing, publishing, and editing under her belt, Faye can help you keep your writing “speaking” directly to the readers you want to reach. And, by tapping into her outrageous sense of humor, she helps you add humor to your stories and hold your readers’ interest.

Request your complimentary sample edit today.

Don’t wait to bring your inner artist to light. Turn to an editor who loves creating beautiful word canvases – and can help you paint yours, too.